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Hidden Palms Ranch is a family owned business. Beki and Todd moved onto their small farm in Sanford in March 2016 after years of dreaming about having their own land for horses. It wasn't long after moving in that they added their first horse, Moose. They now have seven horses, two goats,  chickens, bunnies and Max, Cody & Noah the farm dogs. 

Beki grew up riding and has been involved with horses in some way or another most of her life, from working at a boarding stable, riding at Arabian Knights Dinner Show, to owning her own pony party business.  Starting a trail ride business grew out of her love of horses, and her desire to share the feeling she gets while out on the trail. “I’m never more at peace than when I’m on the back of a horse”. 

Todd is an Audio Engineer by trade and he also runs a successful online business. Although he leaves most of the “horse’n around” to Beki, they make a great team when it comes to HPR.