Can you believe we are in the first week of May? That means we wrapped up our first official month here at Hidden Palms Ranch and Trail Rides. Between our private trail rides, and our Horse Experience package, we have been having so much fun and meeting some amazing people over the past month. 

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The weather here in central Florida has been beautiful for our trail rides. When we get out to the Lake Jesup Conservaiton area, we are always met with a lovely breeze coming off of the lake. All of our guests have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that even on a hot day, they don't feel too warm. 

We've had a few wildlife sightings while out on the trail. We saw a red tail hawk hanging out on a low branch close enough to see all his beautiful details. We caught site of a great horned owl as he launched off of a tree in the shady oak hammock. Several swallow tail kites were seen gliding through the air over the flats around the lake. We've seen deer, a raccoon family, and even surprised a wild turkey, who in return surprised us! 

Some of my favorite stories though are from the people who come out and tell me they have either never been on a horse, or are a little afraid. I love to introduce them to "the gang", who always put them at ease. Moose is perfect for the timid first time rider, or for anyone who has ever had a bad experience. Most of our visitors are amazed at how big Lemon, our Percheron, is but soon fall in love with her layed back personality. She is truly a gentile giant. Everyone leaves saying they had such a great time and felt completely comfortable and safe on our horses. 

The kids who come out for a horse experience are also having a blast. They are learning all about horses and getting some great one-on-one time with them. We teach them how to be safe around them and how to take care of them. They get to spend time brushing them and even learn how to saddle up. They enjoy riding Moose on the "mini trail" on our property, and feeding him treats too! 

We have met some really wonderful people this month. We love having couples come out for a unique date experience. Sometimes it's friends just looking for a fun activity or parents bringing kids on their spring break or to celebrate a birthday. 

All in all, our first month has been a success! We are looking forward to making many more new friends. We can 't wait to see you on the ranch! Contact us for more information or to schedule your trail ride. 

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, come out to the Juleps & Jockey's event in Downtown Sanford this Saturday May 6th from 3-7. We will have a booth, will be passing out info, and we are even bringing the goats! Enter the raffle to win a free trail ride for two!