Moose is a 23 yr old Thoroughbred gelding. He is a retired racehorse, but you would never know it. He definitely acts "retired". Moose is a laid back kind of guy who loves apples, carrots and a good roll in the dirt. He was the first horse we added to HPR, and as we added the others, he quickly learned it was best to let them just boss him around (and they do). If you love that horse smell, and what horse lover doesn't, his neck is intoxicating.  Moose is used for our trail rides and our Horse Experience, and when you need a mane to cry into. 
Nicknames: Moosy Goosy, Moose the Caboose



Marigold was our second addition and is the youngest of the bunch. She is an 10 yr old Quarter Horse mare. Many people fall in love with her golden color, called Palomino, and say she looks like the Barbie horse they had growing up. She is a sassy girl who is definitely the boss of the herd, but she is very affectionate too. It has been said that she has the "softest nose in the world".  Marigold is most often used as our "lead horse" but is available for clients to ride as well. 
Nicknames: MareMare, Sassy, Blondie

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 7.47.08 PM.png


Jet is an 12 year old thoroughbred gelding. Jet is full of personality and just a big goof ball. He started his career as a race horse, racing under the name Apple Head. After that he became a jumper with much success. We are happy he found his way here to Hidden Palms. He loves the ladies, and is often flirting with the mares. He’s tall and leggy and loves to run and play in the pasture.
Nicknames - Goofy, Jetty

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Toby is a 12 yr old Quarter Horse mix gelding who came to us after our sweet Lemon passed away. You may have participated in our contest to help choose his name! He is just a big ol’ teddy bear (and yes, that name was suggested several times, lol). Toby has a lot of trail experience, and has a history of ranch work. When he came to HPR, he was immediately accepted by the rest of the herd. Even Marigold likes him, and that’s saying a lot! He is very affectionate and loves to be around people. Everyone agrees, once you meet him you can’t help but fall in love!
Nicknames: Toby Wan Kanobe, Tobes, smoosh face



Gunner is an 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding. He is a big beefy boy with a beautiful chestnut colored coat. Although Gunner has a tough name, he is as sweet as can be. He tends to be the low man on the totem pole. He used to be a part of the Mounted Police volunteer posse, which makes him a great trail horse. He looks like a jock, but he’s actually pretty lazy. He is perfectly happy hanging at the back of the group taking in the scenery.
Nicknames: Meatball

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Color Me Beautiful (Beauty)

Beauty is a 17 year old Arabian/Saddlebred cross. She has the dainty features and beautiful dished face of an arabian, but the height of a Saddlebred. Beauty is a sweet natured girl with a perky personality! She came to HPR with Vanity and they are best friends. She has also caught the eye of Jet, who thinks she’s pretty cute.


Vanity Fair (Vivi)

Vivi is a 11 year old Apendix (Thoroughbred/Quarter horse cross). She came to HPR with her best friend Beauty. She is a a sweet girl who enjoys going on the trail. She prefers to be in the front, but she’s a bit of a scaredy cat! She loves to run and play in the pasture with Beauty and Jet, and looks a lot like Moose!


Lemon Meringue

( In Memory )

Lemon was our sweet Percheron Mare. She unexpectedly passed away on January 10th 2018, almost one year to the date after we got her.  Lemon use to be a carriage horse, but had since found a new home and a new "career" here at HPR. She was a sweet girl with big soft eyes and droopy lips that we all loved. She had been nicknamed the "Lord of the Rings Horse" by a few family members, but was as gentle as they come. A true gentle giant. She touched the lives of all who met her, and will be greatly missed.